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Luxury Interior Design

Don't spend another day in an uninspiring place...

The spaces where you "do life" impact your mood, productivity, and overall quality of life. Here, we think strategically about the function of your space to create designs that ENHANCE your way of living. Not only that, we do it using an efficient, enjoyable process that allows you to function while we design.

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Bringing your ideas, to reality.

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Meet The Team

Design My Investment is an interior design firm started in 2020!  Crazy right?  I mean who is wild enough to start anything in the year of a global pandemic? 


Founders and Principle Designers, Chris & Lea, that’s who!  With over 25 years of combined experience, these women have a love for curating spaces like you’ve never seen.  Chris is the “dare to be different” designer and Lea is the “calm before the storm”.  We’ve said all of that to say, they are the perfect melting pot of eclecticism, modernism, contemporary, transitional and timeless spaces.


Design My Investment was created to give residential and commercial clients intentionally designed spaces that never make you regret the property purchase you made.  

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